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WhatsApp is a wonderful app, allowing us to send messages to anyone anywhere, for free or just for the cost of mobile data? yeah that sounds like a great deal to me.

But recently I came across GBWhatsApp which is to WhatsApp what Cyanogen mod is to android. if you do not know what Cyanogen mod is here is a quick run down, cyanogen is a “mod” or a modification, so its basically the real thing plus extra and this is what GBWhatsApp does, it gives WhatsApp more features, super powers if you will, I mainly decided to use GBWhatsApp for the privacy features (my personal privacy we could have an argument about where the data goes and yada yada later)

But I am pretty sure if you are here you know a thing or two about GBWhatsApp and have made the decision to move to GBWhatsApp, the problem is how do you set it up and still keep your data.

I mainly use it to hide status, GBWhatsApp lets you completely remove status so you cannot even access them, acts if they are not there, its not muting its completely removing the most annoying feature in the world, status is a nice feature but not one that I want in my messaging app because even though Whatsapp is social media I don’t want it to feel like that.

TDLR; Start here: setting up GBWhatsApp

  1. download GBWhatsApp here: https://gbwa.xyz/apk/
  2. use a file explorer and click on the downloaded file, allow install from unknown sources, basically install apps that are not on the google store(risky only because you don’t know if you can trust the app but hey who knows what facebook is doing on your phone?)

Cool so at this point you have GBWhatsApp installed, before you continue using GBWhatsApp you will want to create a backup of your current WhatsApp because GBWhatsApp does not have access to your backup files from google drive(oh from this point forth backing up your WhatsApp data is your responsibility but you can use something like IFTTT or Tasker to automatically do this for you too, I will write something :)

3. create a backup from WhatsApp, we want to do this so WhatsApp can neatly create a nice backup for us that we can move to GBWhatsApp and get all our data. in WhatsApp go to settings->chats->chat backup->backup

4. Use a file explorer and go to internal storage/Whatsapp/Databases
in here you should see a number of files like ‘msgstore-[date].db.crypt12’, these are a list of your backups the most recent one is just ‘msgstore.db.crypt12’ and thats the one you want, copy it and move it to another folder just for safe keeping as we will need it later (I have no verified but I think WhatsApp deletes these when you are logged out which will happen when we login to GBWhatsApp)

5.Open GBWhatsApp and login as you would on normal whatsapp, they do have some options to restore there but they never worked for me and thus this article :)

6. In GBWhatsApp go to settings->chats->chat backup->backup, we want to do this so GBWhatsApp can create all the folders we need and we can just drop our msgstore.db.crypt12 file in there.

7. cut or copy the msgstore.db.crypt12 from where ever you placed it in step 4 and paste it in internal storage/GBWhatsApp/Databases (remember that both WhatsApps will only read the backup with the name msgstore.db.crypt12 so if there is already a file with that name overwrite it or delete it first, compare the sizes of the files your file from WhatsApp has more content and should be larger than the one that was just created by GBWhatsApp)

8. Open GBWhatsApp and go to GBSettings->Universal->Backup and restore->restore WhatsApp data
this will go to internal storage/GBWhatsApp/Databases and look for the file named msgstore.db.crypt12 and import it into WhatsApp and you should have all your chats back :)

Now that you know how WhatsApp saves your messages you can do a lot of interesting things, save backups on your drive and manage them yourself, go back in time, you can keep an infinite number of these on a hard drive and do your own thing

I personally love the GBWhatsApp project and think WhatsApp should rather than trying to make it harder or stop this project just fund and regulate it and let consumers choose which version they like better. because GBWhatsApp solves most of the frustrations caused by WhatsApp trying to force feed us features and just makes it more fun, but with payments soon to come into play I don’t know how this will change but as for now its a cool app, just remember that from this moment on all your data goes through another 3rd party before it goes to facebook, but that is not necessary a bad thing.




I code bugs and explain them into features.

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Blave Kalahn

Blave Kalahn

I code bugs and explain them into features.

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